American anarchists, a Kurdish nationalist leader, and radical feminism: welcome to Rojava

Rojava is a region in Northern Syria under Kurdish control and governed according to the ideas of Abdullah Ă–calan, a Kurdish nationalist leader who believes that “a country can’t be [ read more brave ]

What does the nation-state do for us, anyway?

Syria has dissolved into a nightmare we are nearly powerless to help, and the US elected a racist, rapist, reality-star in an effort to return to an imaginary past. The [ read more brave ]

Friday Futures: On Fire

Do you ever dream of just burning it all down and starting over? Obviously, there is something wrong with the way we’ve got the world organized now. For example: income [ read more brave ]

kitten hanging from a rope

the bravery of one more step

An occupational hazard of being this kind of coaching is thinking about bravery all the damn time. How can I be brave in my own life? What does brave actually [ read more brave ]

Friday question

When do we stop choosing among bad options and start attempting to create new options?

photo of a poster about Ebola

Ebola and brave

I’ve been coaching and mentoring international development people for a while now. I wrote one of the first international development blogs, Blood and Milk, and it brought a lot of [ read more brave ]

photo of cairo skyline in a haze of pollution

Broken systems and brave

Everyone who works in health systems knows that if you design your system around exceptional people, it won’t work. You can’t assume that people will be brave, wise, or unerring. [ read more brave ]

photo of an airplane wing

brave: a manifesto

Brave. Not a long word, but a big one. A big, scary word, that implies reaching for important things and taking serious risks. But it’s a big, scary world, too. [ read more brave ]