Suffering does not make you special

Some people – disaster response personnel and Peace Corps volunteers in particular – come home to the US and can’t re-adjust. Fat, sedentary Americans and their trivial concerns strike them [ read more brave ]

What does the nation-state do for us, anyway?

Syria has dissolved into a nightmare we are nearly powerless to help, and the US elected a racist, rapist, reality-star in an effort to return to an imaginary past. The [ read more brave ]

Three examples of love

No flowers or candy involved. 1.  My father’s Alzheimer’s disease got especially aggressive in the time leading up to my marriage. It was like my wedding was blowing out all [ read more brave ]

Humbling Hospitality Experiences

1) I once held a focus group with women in rural Tajikistan, to learn about the increasing hunger and food insecurity. The women told terrible, desperate stories, of burning fruit trees [ read more brave ]

best links: how to resist

How to support people of color, from New York Magazine. Also from New York Magazine, an overview of the Indivisible Guide, which tells you how to use Tea Party tactics [ read more brave ]

Coping with Media Overload

  A whole lot of bad things are happening right now. I feel the need to know what my president is doing and its impact on the world, and I [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: Gratitude

What has made my life better today? What am I looking forward to about tomorrow? What do I remember fondly about the past?

Self-coaching: authenticity

Is authenticity a value for you? Does authenticity have a single definition? Is it relative? Is it subjective? What does it mean to live authentically?

Useful How-to Links

How to write a book review, a really excellent guide from Paul Mason at Culture Matters How to diversify your income, from Lauren Holliday at Medium. A little too heavy [ read more brave ]

Three things I learned from my coach training

Training to be a coach is a weird thing. It’s a mixture of neuroscience and pop psychology and, frankly, cultural appropriation. It’s got complicated spiritual metaphors and evidence-based research on how [ read more brave ]