About Alanna

I’ve been working in international education and development for twenty years, mostly in global health. Right now, I’m a senior associate for a consulting firm based in Northern Virginia. They are kind enough to let me work remotely from Cairo, take on other consulting work if I want to, and continue my coaching practice. It’s a pretty sweet deal, and I give them my best work in return, even when their deadlines are crazy.

I’m a senior TED fellow, and I have given three TED talks. One was great, one way okay, and one was a fiasco. You can see the great one online at the TED site. The other two didn’t make the cut for the web. I also wrote a short book on global health under the TEDBooks imprint, called What’s Killing Us.  

I love coaching people. I love helping them find their own answers. I think that we all need to be very brave in this damaged world, and I want to help people be as brave as they need to be. Sometimes brave is about knowing your options so you feel comfortable speaking out. Sometimes it’s about knowing what fights you can win and what fights are worth fighting, even if you lose. Sometimes it’s incredibly pragmatic, like helping people get a great new job where they can have real impact on the world. Whatever brave is for you, I’d love to help you find it.

If you’d like to see more of my writing, my the archive for my international development blog is at bloodandmilk.org and I write for UN Dispatch on global health.