palm tree in smog

What comes after Hurricane Irma?

Mosquitoes, mostly, and loss of access to healthcare. Me, at UN Dispatch, on the health impact of hurricanes. 

three links to change the way you think

On money, stored value, and bitcoin as a representation of death: We don’t have ancient forests any more, and the futures they portended are gone. What there are, are sheets [ read more brave ]

Understanding bird flu

There’s a lot of technical language around influenza, which is a shame because it’s an interesting topic – complicated enough to be fun to learn about, and relevant to everyone [ read more brave ]

Wednesdays are for Jargon: antibacterial resistance

AMR: Antimicrobial resistance – the process by which bacteria develop immunity to antibiotics and other things that are supposed to kill them Antibacterial: Anything that kills bacteria. Includes things like [ read more brave ]

Stuff Translators Hate

I’ve spent the last two weeks as part of a multinational health sector assessment effort, and we’ve worked through interpreters the whole time. I’ve obviously worked with translators before, but [ read more brave ]

the best majors for international development careers

You can go two ways on this (at least) and it depends on your basic skills and aptitude. The first option is acquiring some hard skills. Engineering, nursing, IT, and [ read more brave ]

Wednesdays are for jargon: Humanitarian Response Jargon

IDPs: Internally Displaced Persons. Like refugees, except they have left their homes but remained in their country of citizenship. NFIs: Non-food items, usually provided in a package to refugees or [ read more brave ]

woman and child in airport

Getting the most from a site visit

This is a reprint, with edits, from Blood and Milk, but I’ve always been proud of it. Done right, site visits are a useful tool. They are not as good as [ read more brave ]

Three things you didn’t know about Zika

When the WHO stopped calling it a public health emergency, that was actually a bad sign. They meant it was no longer a temporary thing – Zika is with us [ read more brave ]

A thicket of sticks and a blue sky

Resources for Protest and Change

If you’re stuck in a fear spiral and you can’t find a way to take action for what you believe in (and you don’t want free coaching), some research can [ read more brave ]