for your consideration: an abridged chronological listing of the times I have been sexually harassed

It’s not my job to do this. It is not the job of women to educate men – or anyone – on what has hurt them, or how it has [ read more brave ]

The fights we lose

Dear friend, I know we lost touch when I left Kyrgyzstan, because our particular kinds of social awkwardness intersected in not-useful ways. I know we weren’t super close, and our [ read more brave ]

three links to change the way you think

On money, stored value, and bitcoin as a representation of death: We don’t have ancient forests any more, and the futures they portended are gone. What there are, are sheets [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: Money

In American culture, we talk about money in a few, highly specific ways. You might tell someone what you paid for your house, but you don’t mention your salary. You [ read more brave ]

photo of the great pyramid

Climate change is a symptom

We spend a lot of cognitive energy thinking about climate change, but climate change is not our core problem. Climate change is a symptom. It’s an awful symptom that will [ read more brave ]

poverty, migration, and terrorism

This post has nothing to do with coaching. This post is just scattered thoughts about about poverty reduction and terrorism, from someone with no background in economic growth. 1 – [ read more brave ]

Photo of empty wheelchair

blood, money, dementia

1. We should talk about blood more. This WhyDev post just reminded me that the taboo on discussing menstruation is not merely silly and annoying; it actively harms girls. Some girls [ read more brave ]