American anarchists, a Kurdish nationalist leader, and radical feminism: welcome to Rojava

Rojava is a region in Northern Syria under Kurdish control and governed according to the ideas of Abdullah Öcalan, a Kurdish nationalist leader who believes that “a country can’t be [ read more brave ]

Inspiration: Thuli Zuma

I’m not usually one for inspirational poets, or the daughters of famous men, or for that matter, poetry slams. But I was reminded today of just how much I love [ read more brave ]

Three things I’ve learned from my clients about being brave

1) Being brave isn’t knowing the right thing to do. All of us, almost always, know what the right thing us. Being brave is making yourself act on that right thing [ read more brave ]

When is coaching useful?

Coaching is useful when: You have a problem you’ve been mulling over You have a decision to make You’re unhappy or discontented in your career or life and don’t quite [ read more brave ]

What does the nation-state do for us, anyway?

Syria has dissolved into a nightmare we are nearly powerless to help, and the US elected a racist, rapist, reality-star in an effort to return to an imaginary past. The [ read more brave ]

Humbling Hospitality Experiences

1) I once held a focus group with women in rural Tajikistan, to learn about the increasing hunger and food insecurity. The women told terrible, desperate stories, of burning fruit trees [ read more brave ]

the bravest people I’ve ever known lived in autocracies

We can all tell a good story, but the truth is that most of the time being brave is optional. We can live a perfectly happy and acceptable life by [ read more brave ]

palm tree in smog


Development people write a lot about failure. We have to take risks, and accept failure. You’re not innovating enough if you never fail. You have to fail to find the [ read more brave ]

photo of Feyisa Lilesa

Brave Olympians past and present

Feyisa Lilesa, an Ethiopian athlete who risked his life to draw attention to Ethiopia’s Oromo rights movement. More on Oromo rights here.  Peter Norman, the Australian athlete who sacrificed his [ read more brave ]

what you can control

  This is pretty amazing. Said Ahmed, a New Zealand resident of Egyptian descent, runs a kebab shop in Christchurch. Last Saturday, he was targeted by as armed robber with [ read more brave ]