Let’s Talk Coaching

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Specifically, why you might want to coach with me.

My focus as a coach is on helping you find clarity and courage. If you feel unhappy at work, but don’t know how to change that, coaching can help. If you want to make a big change but you don’t know if you’re ready, or how to get started, coaching can help.

At the end of a coaching call, you will feel lighter, less intimidated, and have a clear sense of what you want to do next. You might still be afraid, but you’ll be walking with your fear as a partner, not trapped under a pile of fear. You might not know every answer, but you’ll know what questions to ask to get your answers.

I specialize in coaching international development folks because that’s my own background. I know the players, and the jargon, and sometimes I rant about global health security. I have (happy!) coaching clients in lots of other fields, but it’s the development people who tend to come to me.

If you want to get started in coaching, you can schedule a session over here. if you just want to think a little more about coaching, we can have a 15 minute to chat and get to know each other.