Getting paid what you’re worth

There are a few different reasons that people accept being underpaid, but the biggest one, I think, is impostor syndrome. At core, many people – maybe most people – just [ read more brave ]

Three things for managers to consider every week

Did I have any personal career victories I should record for my annual review or to mention in future job interviews? Did anyone on my team have a problem or [ read more brave ]

Five simple ways to make your proposal more competitive

  Read the call for proposals and take note of the scoring. Spend your time accordingly. If the management plan is worth five points, don’t spend two days of meetings [ read more brave ]

Resources for Change: Understanding Data

How to read a scientific paper. via Chris Blattman. How to tell when a data visualization is lying to you. Also from Chris Blattman. The Data Journalism handbook is an [ read more brave ]

Saying No

Be clear, kind, and concise. Apologize briefly if you want, but it is fine to refuse a request, and you don’t need to feel guilty about it. If you know [ read more brave ]

How to write a networking email

  Start with a 1-2 sentence explanation of why you are writing to this particular person. “I am writing to you because of your background in vermiculture for smallholder farms. [ read more brave ]

Stuff Translators Hate

I’ve spent the last two weeks as part of a multinational health sector assessment effort, and we’ve worked through interpreters the whole time. I’ve obviously worked with translators before, but [ read more brave ]

Useful How-to Links

How to write a book review, a really excellent guide from Paul Mason at Culture Matters How to diversify your income, from Lauren Holliday at Medium. A little too heavy [ read more brave ]

Three things I learned from my coach training

Training to be a coach is a weird thing. It’s a mixture of neuroscience and pop psychology and, frankly, cultural appropriation. It’s got complicated spiritual metaphors and evidence-based research on how [ read more brave ]

What to Expect from a Career Consultation

Career consulting isn’t like coaching. When I coach, I ask you big questions to help you figure out what you already know and believe. When I mentor, I share the [ read more brave ]