Men have too much power and it’s bad for men

The patriarchy hurts everybody. The wildly disproportionate distribution of global money and power hurts women, but not only women. Men are harmed, too.(1) When you have all the power and [ read more brave ]

Introducing the Postcard Project

Here’s my first crazy idea. If you read this blog, I’d like to send you a postcard. Every month. In the actual physical mail. Send me an email – [ read more brave ]

The year of crazy ideas and failure

I haven’t just been helping other people dream out their 2018. I’ve been doing my own vision work too. Here’s what I figured out. My home life is good; I [ read more brave ]

A word from our sponsor

Actually, we don’t have a sponsor. But I do get paid to coach people, and every so often I like to mention that. I’ve done some really fun vision work, [ read more brave ]

On Christmas

The Christmas story is one of the defining stories of American culture. The fact that I’m Muslim didn’t keep this story from shaping me. On Christmas, I think about the [ read more brave ]

Resources: making ethical choices at work

Alison Green from Ask a Manager shares a personal story about sexual harassment in the workplace. For me, it really highlights the challenges of making good choices in complex situations. [ read more brave ]

Things to know: tech for non-tech people

I suspect blockchain is going to change everything about contracting, communications, and currency transfer. It has accountability applications we’re barely even thinking about yet.(Well, Paul Currion is thinking about it, [ read more brave ]

picnic foods on a blanket

Three questions to maximize your year-end giving

The easiest way to do good year-end giving is to give to an organization you already know and love. Sometimes, though, you don’t have an organization you know and love. [ read more brave ]

The Warning Signs

You’re not stupid. Your heart and your body and your brain – they know what to do. And they know when you’ve gone wrong. When you are out of alignment [ read more brave ]

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Giving Tuesday

Giving to others changes you, in ways that go well beyond the altruistic. Yes, altruism is valuable in a top-line moral sense. We all know that. But it also has [ read more brave ]