Three examples of love

No flowers or candy involved. 1. ¬†My father’s Alzheimer’s disease got especially aggressive in the time leading up to my marriage. It was like my wedding was blowing out all [ read more brave ]

Self-Coaching: Struggle

Not all coaching questions have answers. There are topics I’ll struggle with for the rest of my life, and never find a clear answer. Thinking about these questions, finding the [ read more brave ]

If you read one thing today

Read this article by a rabbi arrested for protesting the Muslim travel ban.

Aid work and failure

A lot of aid money gets spent on activities that just don’t work. Well more than half, I’d guess. But the thing is, you don’t always now which activities are [ read more brave ]

Humbling Hospitality Experiences

1) I once held a focus group with women in rural Tajikistan, to learn about the increasing hunger and food insecurity. The women told terrible, desperate stories, of burning fruit trees [ read more brave ]

self-coaching: social media

This is a bit of a follow-up to the post on coping with media overload. Social media sneaks into our lives and we accept it without a lot of thought [ read more brave ]

the bravest people I’ve ever known lived in autocracies

We can all tell a good story, but the truth is that most of the time being brave is optional. We can live a perfectly happy and acceptable life by [ read more brave ]

best links: how to resist

How to support people of color, from New York Magazine. Also from New York Magazine, an overview of the Indivisible Guide, which tells you how to use Tea Party tactics [ read more brave ]

Coping with Media Overload

  A whole lot of bad things are happening right now. I feel the need to know what my president is doing and its impact on the world, and I [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: Gratitude

What has made my life better today? What am I looking forward to about tomorrow? What do I remember fondly about the past?