What I’m Reading

  “caring about other people’s kids is part of what it means to care about our own” – a blog post from Slacktivist on moral choices. This well-researched book on [ read more brave ]

If you read one thing today

Read this article by a rabbi arrested for protesting the Muslim travel ban.

We Can do This

Three links on how to change the world

Duncan Green’s new website on how change happens has been released in advance of a book by the same name. Dr. Green is one of the sanest voices in development, [ read more brave ]


Happy ThanksgivingSupport the United Farm Workers Union who are working to better the lives and working conditions of tens of thousands of workers who harvest the food we all eat. [ read more brave ]

When not to go to grad school

I know basically all international development jobs want a Master’s degree. (It’s an unfair winnowing-out technique that favors people who can pay for grad school, and it sucks.) But that [ read more brave ]

data from Star Trek

Data, data, data

Two thoughtful articles on using data for international development, and a contest on data for improving vision: IPA takes on the difference between big data, and good data.  Linda Raftree [ read more brave ]

Terrible Career Advice and Other Links

Lifehacker suggests asking for a reference letter when you leave a job. Because they think it’s 1973? No one uses reference letters anyone more. Having them won’t get you a [ read more brave ]

photo of a man staring at a blackberry with beautiful mountains behind him

An exercise in brave

Not everyone is at a place where they can start working with a coach. You might not have the time, or the money (Though if it’s a money issue, get [ read more brave ]