the bravery of one more step

kitten hanging from a rope

An occupational hazard of being this kind of coaching is thinking about bravery all the damn time. How can I be brave in my own life? What does brave actually mean. There are a thousand nuances to this word; that’s why it resonated so totally when I started my coaching.

Anarchists are brave. Thinking seriously about how to build a new world from the corroded ashes we have left in this one? Brave. Not sure I buy their vision, but just thinking those thoughts is brave.

Surviving the everyday is brave, too. One foot, next foot, day by day survival to care for your loved ones. Having faith things will get better. Or lacking that faith and walking on anyway. Brave as hell.

Survival brave doesn’t give you time to think, though. Doesn’t let you create new choices instead of choosing endlessly between bad options. Cat posters or not, you can’t build new things when you’re barely hanging on.

But. How many of us think we’re stuck in survival mode when we actually have options?