Three things I’ve learned from my clients about being brave

1) Being brave isn’t knowing the right thing to do. All of us, almost always, know what the right thing us. Being brave is making yourself act on that right thing [ read more brave ]

Stuff I’m not getting paid to read

“Ten striking facts about agricultural input use in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Food Policy Volume 67, February 2017, Pages 12–25. A serious, research-grounded look at actual agriculture in SSA. “Inside the Hunt for [ read more brave ]

When is coaching useful?

Coaching is useful when: You have a problem you’ve been mulling over You have a decision to make You’re unhappy or discontented in your career or life and don’t quite [ read more brave ]

Three things I learned from my coach training

Training to be a coach is a weird thing. It’s a mixture of neuroscience and pop psychology and, frankly, cultural appropriation. It’s got complicated spiritual metaphors and evidence-based research on how [ read more brave ]

What to expect from a coaching call

If you’ve looked at my coaching and mentoring page, you’ve seen that I consider coaching and mentoring to be different processes. Some clients need a mixture of both, but some clients [ read more brave ]

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Self-coaching: Frustration

How do you react when you are frustrated? Do you show physical symptoms as well as feeling it emotionally? Does frustration drive you to take action, or does it make you [ read more brave ]

Confronting Fear

Fear is really tricky. Sometimes it’s a true signal that you’re doing something dangerous. That deserves consideration. The fear, though, can’t tell just how dangerous that thing may be. It [ read more brave ]


Some people look as failure as a bad sign. Failing means you’re a loser, that you did things wrong. That you’re stupid or incompetent. Others see failure as a good [ read more brave ]

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Self-coaching: Time

Next week I head off to TED Women, theme – “It’s about time.” (If you want to do in-person coaching in San Francisco, email me quickly because my schedule is [ read more brave ]

Things I wish I didn’t know

Seven or eight years ago now, I was living with my parents (and husband, and son) in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. I’d been an expat long enough that I could open a [ read more brave ]