reading list: global past, global futures and personal…whatever

The Skoll Global Threats Fund just released a new report on the major climate change threats to international security. I’m positive it’s important and useful, and I am pretty sure that reading it will give me nightmares, so I’m saving the report for my next plane flight.

This public-transport style map of Roman roads fills me with a strange sense of glee and fulfillment.

And finally, as a coach, I try to study different ways of thinking and perceiving the world, even the ones that seem wacky. That being said, I am still not sure what to think about the Floating Neutrinos.

And now a note from, well, me: Did you know I’m a coach? (well, I guess I just told you up there) I can help you get better at your work, find new passion for your job, or write a really good cover letter. You can find out more here.