reading list: global past, global futures and personal…whatever

The Skoll Global Threats Fund just released a new report on the major climate change threats to international security. I’m positive it’s important and useful, and I am pretty sure [ read more brave ]

Child walking down a tunnel toward light.

self-coaching: daydreams

High-performing people can actually lose the ability to daydream. You can be so focused on converting every idea into a plan that you forgot how to think about really big [ read more brave ]


Some people look as failure as a bad sign. Failing means you’re a loser, that you did things wrong. That you’re stupid or incompetent. Others see failure as a good [ read more brave ]

Resources for change: new ways to think

This week’s resources for change are articles that made my head spin and question core assumptions about how the world works. Maybe one of them will spin you, too. JP [ read more brave ]

Don’t ask why

In my last coaching course, I learned that you should never ask someone “why?” You don’t ask why they did something, you don’t ask why they believe something, you don’t [ read more brave ]

photo of the great pyramid

Climate change is a symptom

We spend a lot of cognitive energy thinking about climate change, but climate change is not our core problem. Climate change is a symptom. It’s an awful symptom that will [ read more brave ]

flowers in a garden

Three don’ts for finding your first job in international development

1 – Don’t sign a lease if you don’t have a job. Also don’t take out a car loan or run up your credit cards. You’re going to be living on [ read more brave ]

why you can’t have it all

Because the whole idea is stupid. Of course you can’t have it all. When did having “all” become a concept to aspire to? You don’t get to have an intense, [ read more brave ]

Useful Job Hunting Resource

The excellent GHD Online community has just published a nice summary page of advice and approached for finding a global health job. I’d also suggest subscribing to at least one [ read more brave ]

The Law of Attraction?

As you may recall, the Law of Attraction is evil victim-blaming crap. But, like the heliocentric model of the universe, the people that came up with the idea weren’t actually [ read more brave ]