When is coaching useful?

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Coaching is useful when:

  • You have a problem you’ve been mulling over
  • You have a decision to make
  • You’re unhappy or discontented in your career or life and don’t quite know why
  • You are trying to make a change in your life and you need support
  • You have a big dream and need to make a plan to get there
  • You’re under-performing and want to change that
  • You need to find your brave!

Coaching is the wrong choice if:

  • You have experienced trauma and are still actively recovering from it
  • You are not merely unhappy or discontented, but depressed (try this self-screening if you think you may be depressed, or talk to your doctor)
  • You want someone to tell you what to do. That’s not a coach; that’s a mentor or consultant. Some people, like me, do both, but they’re very different processes.
  • You don’t know what you want to get out of coaching. If there’s no goal, the process just doesn’t work.
  • You are unwilling to accept the discomfort that comes with deep self-reflection. (I see a lot of people quit coaching over this.)