What you can lose

Boniface Mwangi is a Kenyan activist. He’s also a TED fellow, which means I’ve spent a decent amount of time with him. We were in Brazil for TED Global a [ read more brave ]

When being brave gets you killed

Xulhaz Mannan was violently murdered yesterday. He was a Bangladeshi writer who edited an LGBT magazine, and worked for USAID in Dhaka. It’s a devastating loss – to the LGBT community in [ read more brave ]

Terrible Career Advice and Other Links

Lifehacker suggests asking for a reference letter when you leave a job. Because they think it’s 1973? No one uses reference letters anyone more. Having them won’t get you a [ read more brave ]

Me, in other places

After yesterday’s post about the high school boyfriend and magical strangers, I feel the need to remind you I’m a responsible professional. As evidence, I will point you to UN [ read more brave ]

Prince and the back roads of the Adirondacks

Prince, making some old white dudes look like amateurs I was a very good kid at seventeen. Very, very good. I loved my parents unabashedly. I didn’t drink. I didn’t smoke, [ read more brave ]

stuffed penguin sitting on a chair like it's interviewing

Maybe I’m Not the Coach for You

Shannon Maybe all my talk about brave gets on your nerves because the grammar isn’t right. Maybe you don’t agree with my feeling that we’re working in a broken system. [ read more brave ]

a thicket of bushes

Five job interview tips

Presence matters. Speak clearly and with confidence. I go into this interview on your side. I want every candidate to be awesome. I want to buy what you’re selling. Sometimes, we [ read more brave ]

Things I wish I didn’t know

Seven or eight years ago now, I was living with my parents (and husband, and son) in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. I’d been an expat long enough that I could open a [ read more brave ]

Loose ties are the secret to networking

Networking isn’t about the people you know well. There just aren’t enough people you know well. It’s about the people you kind of know. The colleague from another department three [ read more brave ]

Me and my racist friend

aka: just one of the many times I’ve been an asshole A few years back, I moved to another country. This is something I do every few years, because that’s [ read more brave ]