Maybe I’m Not the Coach for You

stuffed penguin sitting on a chair like it's interviewing





Maybe all my talk about brave gets on your nerves because the grammar isn’t right. Maybe you don’t agree with my feeling that we’re working in a broken system. Maybe you want someone who has mostly coaching experience, not mostly international development experience.

Luckily for you, reader who wants someone else, I’m not the only international development career coach in existence. Here are some other coaches to check out:

Shana Montesol Johnson works with mid and senior level international development professionals to help them get to a place where they love their work. I’ve collaborated with Shana several times, and she’s really great.

Shannon Houde’s Walk of Life Consulting guides clients across private, non-profit, and public sectors to achieve their goals through improved strategies, assessments and market insight.

Heather Krasna is a career coach, resume writer, LinkedIn expert, interview trainer, salary negotiation strategist, internationally recognized keynote speaker, author and blogger specializing in nonprofit, government, and social impact careers.

Anna Sparks helps international professionals create attention-catching resumes and prepare for successful interviews. Her clients express their skills and prior experiences clearly and confidently to show that they are the best choice for the job.

Note: I didn’t get any kind of referral fee or commission for writing this, and Shana is the only one I can personally vouch for. I wanted people to know there are options. If you’re stuck, I want you to be unstuck – no matter who helps you.