Five job interview tips

a thicket of bushes
a thicket of bushes

sometimes job interviews feel like this

  1. Presence matters. Speak clearly and with confidence.
  2. I go into this interview on your side. I want every candidate to be awesome. I want to buy what you’re selling.
  3. Sometimes, we don’t find what we want, even several interviews. If we really need to fill the spot, we’ll hire the least bad candidate. Even if the interview was terrible.
  4. I never notice what people are wearing unless it’s so far outside the norm that they look peculiar. Color of tie, shape of shirt, cardigan vs blazer = irrelevant.
  5. People who ask questions they could have easily googled get on my nerves.

These are condensed from actual notes I took while interviewing candidates for an HIV position a few years ago. I just found them in an old notebook.