What you can lose

Boniface Mwangi is a Kenyan activist. He’s also a TED fellow, which means I’ve spent a decent amount of time with him. We were in Brazil for TED Global a [ read more brave ]

Prince and the back roads of the Adirondacks

Prince, making some old white dudes look like amateurs I was a very good kid at seventeen. Very, very good. I loved my parents unabashedly. I didn’t drink. I didn’t smoke, [ read more brave ]

Things I wish I didn’t know

Seven or eight years ago now, I was living with my parents (and husband, and son) in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. I’d been an expat long enough that I could open a [ read more brave ]

Loose ties are the secret to networking

Networking isn’t about the people you know well. There just aren’t enough people you know well. It’s about the people you kind of know. The colleague from another department three [ read more brave ]

Me and my racist friend

aka: just one of the many times I’ve been an asshole A few years back, I moved to another country. This is something I do every few years, because that’s [ read more brave ]

picture of a scary-looking Cyrillic sign (which is actually advertising potato storage)

Your job is more than your employment

I read a blog post today about not being brave. Bruce DeSilva, blogging for the Washington Post, wrote about the time he learned of a priest abusing a child – [ read more brave ]

photo of a creepy fiberglass monkey from a carnival

Be Jonathan Coulton

Don’t be the monkey. This Jonathan Coulson song sums up a lot of our lives, just lumping along waiting for something magical to make it better. In this case, it’s [ read more brave ]

Photo of a freighter at sunset


What happens next? The questions over the last four days were meant to start you thinking about the shape and texture of your life. By now, I hope, your head [ read more brave ]

Photo of Baku city skyline


How does your work change the world? All work – at home, in a workplace, at school – has an impact, and every impact matters. Large or small. What is [ read more brave ]

photo of a boy on a scooter


What do you wish you did more of? Spending time with loved ones? Creating instead of consuming? Dreaming? Building?