Be Jonathan Coulton

photo of a creepy fiberglass monkey from a carnival

Don’t be the monkey.

This Jonathan Coulson song sums up a lot of our lives, just lumping along waiting for something magical to make it better. In this case, it’s a woman he’s objectifying into a magical savior object. For other people it’s other things: a better job, an effective diet, or for the world to spontaneously recognize our sheer awesomeness and reward us appropriately.

You may well be awesome enough to deserve instant recognition and the finest bagels in all the land – I know a ton of completely amazing people – but the world kind of sucks. (Today’s evidence: sea level flooding is going to be way worse than expected.) It sucks too much to even notice you shuffling along down here, waiting and hoping for things to get better.

Nothing is going to get better until we make it better. If we want hope we better build ourselves some.

Jonathan Coulson escaped his code monkey job, and now makes a living writing music that people love. How do you want to start making things better?