thinking backward

Causality is, like all things, shockingly complex. Lately I’ve been thinking about the way that causality never moves in just one direction. This is true for international development and it’s [ read more brave ]

How much experience is enough?

How much experience is enough? If of position asks for a “minimum of five years experience”, and you have two; or a minimum of three, and you have one; and [ read more brave ]

my favorite job interview question

When I’m hiring, I have one very favorite interview question. It’s not a tricky one – no Google-style math, no hidden meaning. I ask: What was your favorite job, and [ read more brave ]

the future nobody wants

This blog post, by Joe Brewer, has been lingering in my mind for days. In it, he argues that we’re creating a future that literally nobody wants because of a [ read more brave ]


500 years, then

On Wednesday I was wondering what we’ll feel stupid about in 50 years. Donald Trump, and Brexit, and our utter failure in climate change. I’ll add antibacterial resistance to that [ read more brave ]

Recommended Reading

Everyone should read this devastating article on the people struggling to provide medical care in Syria. Between the regime, the rebels, the Russians, the Iranians, ISIS and the Kurds, there [ read more brave ]

Wednesday question

What are we doing right now that’s going to make us look really, really stupid in 50 years? Aside from our climate change idiocy. And Donald Trump. And Brexit…

flower on the pavement

How I got fired from my first job

Note: this was the first piece of writing I ever published professionally. The site I wrote it for is long gone, so I feel comfortable reprinting it here. I got [ read more brave ]

Hate is a system

Samantha Field has this to say about the Orlando attack: Believing that I don’t have the right to exist exactly as I am is hatred. Fighting against my civil rights [ read more brave ]

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