the future nobody wants

This blog post, by Joe Brewer, has been lingering in my mind for days. In it, he argues that we’re creating a future that literally nobody wants because of a shared global culture that we fail to question. I agree with almost everything he says, although I am almost afraid to admit it.

You sound like a crazy person if you say out loud that capitalism doesn’t seem to be working and that we can’t actually keep growing economies forever. Nonetheless, I believe this to be true. Focusing on growth above all things is destructive. The human race should not be a pyramid scheme.

One you come to that conclusion, though, what happens next? For me, part of the answer has been coaching. Helping other people who want to break out of their own box of work-consume-work-consume. Writing this blog to share my ideas and learn from other people’s responses. There has to be better bigger next step, though. I’ll keep looking.