How much experience is enough?

How much experience is enough? If of position asks for a “minimum of five years experience”, and you have two; or a minimum of three, and you have one; and you meet the rest of the requirements of a position, is it worth applying? Most of the time it seems that if I could get from one to four years in my field, the pool of jobs I could apply for would be vastly larger.

My Answer
If you meet the rest of the requirements, there’s no reason not to go for it. What do you have to lose? Very often, the requirements is really a wish list, and the employer is not necessarily focused on getting everything, even if it’s in the required section of the job description.
That being said, for some employers or some job ads, the requirements really are requirements. It’s hard to know which is which when you’re applying. But if you apply and hear nothing, all you’re out is the time the application took you. Why not try?