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Brave and resilient

The word resilient gets tossed around a lot. In international development, in climate change, even when talking about children who’ve been through trauma. It’s a vague concept, though. It’s not the same [ read more brave ]

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Sunday may not come

I’m not a religious person, and if I were, Christianity is not my religious tradition. Nonetheless, I look forward to the Holy Saturday blog post from Fred Clark every year. I [ read more brave ]

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Stop blaming yourself

The New York times ran a really interesting article by a therapist last week. He argued that therapists (and, I would extrapolate, American culture) encourage people to turn their blame [ read more brave ]

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Ebola and brave

I’ve been coaching and mentoring international development people for a while now. I wrote one of the first international development blogs, Blood and Milk, and it brought a lot of [ read more brave ]

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Jean Mercer is brave

Jean Mercer runs a blog called Childmyths. It is a quixotic, one-woman effort devoted to providing evidence-based data on child development. In her own words, “The blog focuses on parsing [ read more brave ]

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blood, money, dementia

1. We should talk about blood more. This WhyDev post just reminded me that the taboo on discussing menstruation is not merely silly and annoying; it actively harms girls. Some girls [ read more brave ]

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Art history is brave

Seriously, it is. The People of Color in European Art History blog is fighting racism using its curator’s skills – the ability to discuss art history and find historical artwork [ read more brave ]

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Broken systems and brave

Everyone who works in health systems knows that if you design your system around exceptional people, it won’t work. You can’t assume that people will be brave, wise, or unerring. [ read more brave ]

How to negotiate salary

This, I suppose, falls into the category of something brave to do. Succeeding at it will certainly make you more brave. These are two super-simple scripts for negotiating salary when [ read more brave ]

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Your best work = brave

One constant of international development work is the report. So many reports, analyses, briefers, and reviews. And every one of those documents has to go through multiple rounds of comments [ read more brave ]