How to negotiate salary

2014-09-01 09.03.55

This, I suppose, falls into the category of something brave to do. Succeeding at it will certainly make you more brave. These are two super-simple scripts for negotiating salary when you are offered a job. This is 101-level stuff, for people who have never negotiated salary before and need some ready-made brave.

Script 1:

They offer you a job, with a salary. You write or call back and say, “I was very pleased to hear from you. I would love to work for General Organa as procurement manager for light sabers.  The salary is a little lower than I expected, though. Based on the market, I was expecting (insert number here that is their offer + 10%).  Is there any possibility of bringing the salary up to that amount?”

They may say yes. They may say no. If they say no, you can accept the job anyway. (I’ve done it!) It is profoundly unlikely that they will pull a job offer for such a mild negotiation effort. If they do, they are probably crazy people who would be unpleasant to work for.

Script 2 (a little less formal, and no set number):

They offer you a job and tell you the salary. You write or call back and say, “I was very pleased to hear from you. I would love to work for the First Order as mask curator for Mr. Ren. Do you have any flexibility on bringing the salary up a little?”

That’s all! Anyone want to tell their story of when they negotiated and survived?