Self-coaching: Using Our Strengths

It’s easy to to think of our lives as a series of missed opportunities – one long list of things we could have done better. You can flip that script, [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: Growing up

How do you define being an adult? Is it a process, or an end state? Are you an adult by your own definition? Is it better to be an adult [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: Money

In American culture, we talk about money in a few, highly specific ways. You might tell someone what you paid for your house, but you don’t mention your salary. You [ read more brave ]

Self-Coaching: Struggle

Not all coaching questions have answers. There are topics I’ll struggle with for the rest of my life, and never find a clear answer. Thinking about these questions, finding the [ read more brave ]

self-coaching: social media

This is a bit of a follow-up to the post on coping with media overload. Social media sneaks into our lives and we accept it without a lot of thought [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: Gratitude

What has made my life better today? What am I looking forward to about tomorrow? What do I remember fondly about the past?

Self-coaching: authenticity

Is authenticity a value for you? Does authenticity have a single definition? Is it relative? Is it subjective? What does it mean to live authentically?

Self-Coaching: Movies

Film has an ability to connect us to our dreams. Even the most mass-produced profit-oriented piece of schlock can produce a deep emotional reaction if resonates with our deep beliefs. (see: [ read more brave ]

cowboy and horses in the distance

Self-coaching: Frustration

How do you react when you are frustrated? Do you show physical symptoms as well as feeling it emotionally? Does frustration drive you to take action, or does it make you [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: Climbing your hill

What is your favorite task at work? What fears have you lying awake at night? Who do you know that is doing important work?