Coping with Media Overload

  A whole lot of bad things are happening right now. I feel the need to know what my president is doing and its impact on the world, and I [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: Gratitude

What has made my life better today? What am I looking forward to about tomorrow? What do I remember fondly about the past?

Saying No

Be clear, kind, and concise. Apologize briefly if you want, but it is fine to refuse a request, and you don’t need to feel guilty about it. If you know [ read more brave ]

Resources for Political Change

  Find a local group to take action with here. Sign up for the Women’s March ten actions in 100 days. Keep learning. This essay is a good start. The [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: authenticity

Is authenticity a value for you? Does authenticity have a single definition? Is it relative? Is it subjective? What does it mean to live authentically?

How to write a networking email

  Start with a 1-2 sentence explanation of why you are writing to this particular person. “I am writing to you because of your background in vermiculture for smallholder farms. [ read more brave ]

Wednesdays are for Jargon: antibacterial resistance

AMR: Antimicrobial resistance – the process by which bacteria develop immunity to antibiotics and other things that are supposed to kill them Antibacterial: Anything that kills bacteria. Includes things like [ read more brave ]

Stuff Translators Hate

I’ve spent the last two weeks as part of a multinational health sector assessment effort, and we’ve worked through interpreters the whole time. I’ve obviously worked with translators before, but [ read more brave ]

Self-Coaching: Movies

Film has an ability to connect us to our dreams. Even the most mass-produced profit-oriented piece of schlock can produce a deep emotional reaction if resonates with our deep beliefs. (see: [ read more brave ]

Useful How-to Links

How to write a book review, a really excellent guide from Paul Mason at Culture Matters How to diversify your income, from Lauren Holliday at Medium. A little too heavy [ read more brave ]