Useful How-to Links

  1. How to write a book review, a really excellent guide from Paul Mason at Culture Matters
  2. How to diversify your income, from Lauren Holliday at Medium. A little too heavy on things she hasn’t personally tried, but a useful list to get you thinking.
  3. How to go high, not low, during the Trump administration. From the indispensable Dave Algoso at Praxis.

One thought on “Useful How-to Links

  1. Dear Alanna
    I just saw your 2012 Ted Talk regarding your concern about Alzheimer disease (AD). So I thought you might be interested in reading my recent paper (April 2016) with three colleagues. It’s a controversial Case Report about the treatment of an AD patient using several CT scans of the brain. Each x-ray dose was the same as used for imaging of the brain. Our paper is available at:
    We have just submitted a Letter to the Editor that gives an update on the condition of the patient, 18 months after the initial treatment was given. I expect it to be published soon.
    I would appreciate receiving your feedback.
    Best wishes for a good new year.
    Dr. Jerry Cuttler

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