The only happiness hack I know

As a rule, I don’t believe in happiness as a goal. I believe that happiness, and its sisters joy and contentment, come from having a meaningful life focused on the [ read more brave ]

Resources: Career Change 101

  Changing Careers – things to consider It’s unlikely you’ll get your perfect new job in one move. You’ll probably need to change sectors first, and then change jobs after [ read more brave ]

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Self-coaching: Frustration

How do you react when you are frustrated? Do you show physical symptoms as well as feeling it emotionally? Does frustration drive you to take action, or does it make you [ read more brave ]

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Resources for Protest and Change

If you’re stuck in a fear spiral and you can’t find a way to take action for what you believe in (and you don’t want free coaching), some research can [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: Climbing your hill

What is your favorite task at work? What fears have you lying awake at night? Who do you know that is doing important work?

Intuition 101

Intuition, often, is simply our brain working faster than we realize. We are taking in information all the tie – thousands of tiny observations – and sometimes we get to [ read more brave ]

Damaged countries and occupied Kuwait

I had a friend, about a decade older than me, a Kuwait woman who lived through the Iraqi invasion and occupation. She saw people killed in front of her. She [ read more brave ]

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How to talk to racists

One tiny, immediate, thing we can do about bigotry is speak up about it. Put the bigot on notice right away that their opinions are not normal or acceptable. It’s not [ read more brave ]