Intuition 101

Intuition, often, is simply our brain working faster than we realize. We are taking in information all the tie – thousands of tiny observations – and sometimes we get to a conclusion based on those observations faster than our conscious mind realizes. So your feeling is actually a conclusion based on evidence. When you have a sense about something, it’s useful to examine it. Try to find the observations that got you to this place.

Some people believe that intuition can reside in three different places – head, heart, or gut. Your head is the intellectual space, your heart is the loving space, and your gut is the bravery space. When you want to consult your intuition, you want to decide which intuition to consult. Or consciously check all of them. You can do a mental exercise where you picture an elevator riding to the correct part of your body to connect you with which kind of intuition to check. I like to just put my hand on the relevant place – head, chest, stomach.

Intuition is not indestructible, and it is not magic. If you’ve been through trauma, your intuition may be scrambled. You may have trained yourself to ignore danger signs, or, conversely, begun to find them everywhere.  Even if you haven’t experienced trauma, intuition can get things wrong. Humans seek patterns, and not all patterns mean something.