Love, service, career: my three resolutions for the New Year

Love: I will do one thing to bring me physically or emotionally closer to the people I love. I don’t know what that thing will be, but I’ll identify it and I’ll [ read more brave ]

Four questions to ask at a job interview: Corporate Culture

  I’ve written about questions to ask at a job interview before. An interview is not an audition. You’re not doing a little dance and trying to get the employer to [ read more brave ]

the best majors for international development careers

You can go two ways on this (at least) and it depends on your basic skills and aptitude. The first option is acquiring some hard skills. Engineering, nursing, IT, and [ read more brave ]

Wednesdays are for jargon: Humanitarian Response Jargon

IDPs: Internally Displaced Persons. Like refugees, except they have left their homes but remained in their country of citizenship. NFIs: Non-food items, usually provided in a package to refugees or [ read more brave ]

Quitting the Peace Corps

From a recent email to a PCV: The Peace Corps is not an international development agency, and no ethical recruiter will tell you that it is. It’s a learning experience for [ read more brave ]

Self-coaching: freedom

Is Janis Joplin right? Is freedom just another word for nothing left to lose? Is freedom a priority for me? Are money and freedom related?

woman and child in airport

Getting the most from a site visit

This is a reprint, with edits, from Blood and Milk, but I’ve always been proud of it. Done right, site visits are a useful tool. They are not as good as [ read more brave ]

What to expect from a coaching call

If you’ve looked at my coaching and mentoring page, you’ve seen that I consider coaching and mentoring to be different processes. Some clients need a mixture of both, but some clients [ read more brave ]

Three things you didn’t know about Zika

When the WHO stopped calling it a public health emergency, that was actually a bad sign. They meant it was no longer a temporary thing – Zika is with us [ read more brave ]

Resources: Standing Rock

Update: I pre-wrote this post a few days ago. On Monday, the decision was made to reroute the pipeline. It’s a huge victory, but the issue is not over. Energy [ read more brave ]