What does the nation-state do for us, anyway?

Syria has dissolved into a nightmare we are nearly powerless to help, and the US elected a racist, rapist, reality-star in an effort to return to an imaginary past. The [ read more brave ]

Resources for Political Change

  Find a local group to take action with here. Sign up for the Women’s March ten actions in 100 days. Keep learning. This essay is a good start. The [ read more brave ]

self-coaching: bad habits

We all do things we wish we didn’t. Bite our nails, procrastinate, eat junky food or spend too long at the office. I don’t believe in blaming it on habits, [ read more brave ]

Finding your grip

I went on a jet-ski ride last summer with two of my oldest friends. A jet-ski, for the uninitiated, is one a two or three-person watercraft, pretty much the boat [ read more brave ]

Photo of a freighter at sunset


What happens next? The questions over the last four days were meant to start you thinking about the shape and texture of your life. By now, I hope, your head [ read more brave ]

Photo of Baku city skyline


How does your work change the world? All work – at home, in a workplace, at school – has an impact, and every impact matters. Large or small. What is [ read more brave ]

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What do you wish you did more of? Spending time with loved ones? Creating instead of consuming? Dreaming? Building?

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What is the best gift you give? What is the greatest thing you do for the world? Is it a skill you use? The love you give others? The art [ read more brave ]

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What are you trying not to see? What do you refuse to know? What do you know that you try not to think about?

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An exercise in brave

Not everyone is at a place where they can start working with a coach. You might not have the time, or the money (Though if it’s a money issue, get [ read more brave ]