Wednesdays are for Jargon: malaria

Photo of Baku city skyline

This week we’ve got global health jargon. Specifically, malaria.

MiP – Malaria in pregnancy. Malaria is especially dangerous to pregnant women, increasing the risk of death or harm to both mother and baby

IPTp – Intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy, “a full therapeutic course of antimalarial medicine given to pregnant women at routine antenatal care visits, regardless of whether the recipient is infected with malaria

SP – sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine, the drug of choice for IPTp

LLIN – long-lasting insecticidal net, the bednet infused with insecticide that is used to prevent mosquito bites

ITN – insecticide treated bednet – same as LLIN, it’s an older term

IRS – Indoor Residual spraying, “spraying of residual insecticide on the interior walls of homes to kill mosquitoes, thereby interrupting malaria transmission”