Three more reasons I won’t hire you

picture of angry looking dolls

picture of angry looking dolls

You show disrespect for host country staff. These people have been in country their whole lives, most of them have been doing this work longer than you, and their language skills are much more impressive. In a crisis, they will evacuate us and then stay and face the disaster on their own. I don’t want to hear you questioning their value.

You are rude or dismissive to support staff. The secretaries, program assistants, drivers, logisticians, and administrative assistants are the arms and legs of our work. Without them, nothing would happen. Nothing. If you make the receptionist feel bad when you call, you don’t belong on my team.

You seem mean or permanently unhappy. Not unhappy with your current situation, but unhappy at core. This work is already hard. Doing it in the company of mean or miserable people, no matter how skilled, makes it harder.