The year of crazy ideas and failure

a dutch farmhouse

I haven’t just been helping other people dream out their 2018. I’ve been doing my own vision work too. Here’s what I figured out. My home life is good; I have Egypt figured out, mostly. My professional life is ticking along like I want it to be – coaching clients appear when I need them, my international development consulting is satisfying, and my work with TED makes me happy all the time. I’ve got a stable platform in my life, which means, for me, that it’s time to make a mess.

2018 is going to be my year of crazy ideas. Most of them won’t work; thus the failure. But I’m going for it anyway. I am going to attempt to act on one crazy idea every week in 2018. Some of them will show up on this blog – new approaches to my coaching practice, new ideas I’m exploring. Some of the crazy will be about family and children (my 11-year-old wants to learn how to drive.) Some will be side projects you may never hear about. But it’s going to be a big messy year of Alanna looking like a fool, and I am excited to get started.