The best links this week


Nick McDonald offers a selection of links on personal security. I actually bought this book (Amazon link there, see side hustles) based on his recommendation. Once I’ve read it, I’ll do a review.

On the development research front, there’s a depressing new paper on cash transfers. We all know there’s no magic bullet, and then we just keep convincing ourselves there will be a magic bullet. Sigh.

And, finally the Harlem Hellfighters (also known as the Black Rattlers and the Men of Bronze), the 369th Infantry Regiment, had to fight prejudice in their own country in order to risk their lives in the first World War. They served the longest deployment of any unit in World War 1.What strikes me about these men is that they had to demonstrate every kind of brave – the hard, slow courage of pushing through daily hostility and discrimination as well as the adrenaline-rush bravery of fighting a war.

(image attribution: unknown photographer – US National Archives website, Public Domain,