Post-Election Reading and a Challenge

a path to the horizon

  1. Penelope Trunk says it’s about the lies we tell each other and ourselves. I think she’s right. I know that I thought Trump would win all along and I ignored my intuition and decided I was catastrophizing. I grew up in the Rust Belt. I know what it’s like there.
  2. Dave Hingsburger, “A coalition of  ‘the different’ will never defeat a coalition united by hatred. Never. Love does not defeat hate. But love can power resistance. Love can turn hearts. Love can cause deep reflection.”
  3. A Christian college professors reflects on what she can do to bring change.

#3 leads to my challenge. We should all make a list of what we can do. Regardless of your political orientation; your responsibility remains. Sit down and make a list of what you are going to do to make things better. (then live it.)