Free Coaching

Stop wallowing. Pick your fight. The election is over, and sanity lost. You’re not the only one reeling. We’re all reeling. We’re all scared. Do not let your fear stop you. Make your fear a tool. Use your fear to drive your fight for justice. Use your fear to help you protect people with even more to fear. (Black people, immigrants, LGBT communities, Muslims)

If you can’t see how to do that, if you are stuck in your spiral of fear and horror, I’ll coach you for free. Either email me or just sign up in the sidebar and include a note that you need the free coaching. I will help you find your fight.

We’ll talk about your skills, your passions, your interests – your fears. And we’ll figure out how you can best use them for justice and change. Maybe you want to become an immigrants rights activist. Maybe you want to set up a monthly donation to the Sierra Club. Maybe you want to set up a fan site for the Standing Rock protesters. (yes, they are still there.)

But now is the time to choose your hill. You don’t have to die on it, but you do have to climb.

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