Doctors, Patients, and Anarchists in Syria: links to think about

This Village Voice article about two young men travelling to Syria to support the feminist rebel state of Rojavaa turquoise gate left me thoughtful and dazed all day. Are they traveling to change the world the only way they can identify? Are they bored young men with few options in the US? Are they both? Everyone should read this.

Samir Chopra is a philosophy professor, and his blog proves why blogging is still worthwhile. This post, on doctors who don’t listen and the system that doesn’t let them, articulates something we’ve all felt. This one, on how men become rapists, ends with this powerful sentence: “Rapists don’t start out as rapists; they are educated and acculturated into that role. They need mentors and coaches. Brock Turner’s was his father, Dan.”

Finally, this article on the meaninglessness of history in the face of the editable internet maybe literally be paradigm-shifting. I’ll be writing a full post on it in the future, but for now I wanted to put it out as a link.