Wednesday’s Question

In the Western World, Wednesday is known as hump day. Get through your Wednesday and you’re over the hump, rolling free and clear to the weekend. Is that you? Does [ read more brave ]

Read this:

No, seriously. I haven’t been hacked. has a list of people brave enough to die for their beliefs and it’s well worth your three minutes. I particularly like their [ read more brave ]

we are not designed to be killers

Human beings aren’t at core deadly. We’re not red in truth and claw. Babies believe in fairness until we teach them otherwise. We do not kill in cold blood unless [ read more brave ]

what you can control

  This is pretty amazing. Said Ahmed, a New Zealand resident of Egyptian descent, runs a kebab shop in Christchurch. Last Saturday, he was targeted by as armed robber with [ read more brave ]

Diarrhea is way worse then Ebola

11,325 people have died of Ebola since the 2014 outbreak. 760,000 children die of diarrhea every year. Why is Ebola so much more frightening?

Five ways to get the most out of an internship

I’ve had a lot of internships. Well, five, to be exact. Three were okay, one was a failure, and one succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. I have also supervised my [ read more brave ]

Five Questions

In escalating order of importance: What is the first thing you think when you get out of bed? Do you love people enough? What is the best thing you have [ read more brave ]


Happy ThanksgivingSupport the United Farm Workers Union who are working to better the lives and working conditions of tens of thousands of workers who harvest the food we all eat. [ read more brave ]

photo of an airplane wing

Why you can’t get an international job

This is another one of my old published pieces, but I think it’s still relevant I recently ran into a blog written by a young person (I will assume a [ read more brave ]

Read This: Rachel Barenblatt on yearning

If revelation can flow at any time, what can we do to cultivate receptivity, to attune our psycho-spiritual antennas to that broadcast? The best tool I know for cultivating receptiveness [ read more brave ]