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What do we do about the despair

I am currently involved with a project on refugee access to quality education. It’s a good project, and I am glad to be part of it. That doesn’t make it [ read more brave ]

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Three don’ts for finding your first job in international development

1 – Don’t sign a lease if you don’t have a job. Also don’t take out a car loan or run up your credit cards. You’re going to be living on [ read more brave ]

On change

Right now, I’m reading The Five Stages of Collapse, by Dmitry Orlov. It’s an intense book, predicated on the idea that the global economy is in a process of disintegration. I’m [ read more brave ]

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Data, data, data

Two thoughtful articles on using data for international development, and a contest on data for improving vision: IPA takes on the difference between big data, and good data.  Linda Raftree [ read more brave ]

when to stand

You can’t fight every fight. That is not how fighting works. Not even if you actually are right, every time. (Spoiler: you’re not. You are human and humans make mistakes. [ read more brave ]

why you can’t have it all

Because the whole idea is stupid. Of course you can’t have it all. When did having “all” become a concept to aspire to? You don’t get to have an intense, [ read more brave ]

Your brain and other misconceptions

Five links that will make your head spin with new possibilities: 1 – Excellent article on how technology manipulates our choices. I like in particular the way it focuses on [ read more brave ]

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why you hate networking

If you network to get things you need, no wonder you hate it. You have to think of networking the other way around. Build a network to help other people, [ read more brave ]

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Useful Job Hunting Resource

The excellent GHD Online community has just published a nice summary page of advice and approached for finding a global health job. I’d also suggest subscribing to at least one [ read more brave ]