Resources for Change

How to Apologize. I particularly like how the narrator uses her own mistake as an example. Ten questions to get to know your new direct reports better. Asking direct questions in [ read more brave ]

What to expect from a coaching call

If you’ve looked at my coaching and mentoring page, you’ve seen that I consider coaching and mentoring to be different processes. Some clients need a mixture of both, but some clients [ read more brave ]

A path leading to a lake and mountains

Three reasons I won’t hire you

1 – You tell me you don’t like paperwork. Or that you don’t like sitting at a desk all day. Expatriate international development jobs are like 85% paperwork. If we [ read more brave ]

Being brave about sex

Four people being brave about sex: Dave Hingsburger is a disability activist and sexuality educator who writes a fantastic blog. Emily Nagoski wrote a bestselling, extremely readable book on the science [ read more brave ]