The Parent as Coach: New Group Coaching Program


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The Parent as Coach

Parenting older kids is tricky. They still need our love, attention and protection, but they’re not tiny any more. The approaches that worked with little kids feel totally ineffective with kids who are old enough to have real conversations. One way to parent your older kids is to shift to a coaching approach. Just as coaching helps leaders achieve more, being a coach to your kids helps them grow into leaders.

How do you start, though? What does it mean to be a parent who coaches?

We can figure this out together. I am so excited to announce my first group coaching program – the parent as coach. This group learning experience is designed to give parents inspiration on how to take a coaching approach to parenting. We’ll have no more than eight participants, and we’ll meet once a month on a group video call from January to June.

Every month we’ll learn about a new aspect of the coaching approach and how to apply it as parents. We’ll spend a month practicing the new approach, and then meet the next month to discuss what worked and learn our next coaching approach. Doing it as a group will be key to our learning – our shared experiences will maximize learning and help us identify what really works.

The Logistics

  • One monthly group video call, which I will facilitate live.
  • One online forum for day-to-day sharing – we’ll pick the online medium that works best for participants. I’m expecting a facebook group, but we could also use a slack channel, a group tumblr, or a whatsapp group. I’ll moderate the forum to keep it focused and useful.
  • Five lessons pages developed just for this program, discussing the five coaching approaches we will apply to parenting.
  • The dates: Sunday afternoons, 3:30 EST on 1/14, 2/11, 3/11, 4/22, 5/13, and 6/22

The investment

$115 for the whole six-month program

If you’re interested in a full syllabus or other details, email me!

Or take the plunge and enroll now!

Parent as coach six-month session: