Friday Futures: On Fire

Do you ever dream of just burning it all down and starting over? Obviously, there is something wrong with the way we’ve got the world organized now. For example: income [ read more brave ]

Three links on how to change the world

Duncan Green’s new website on how change happens has been released in advance of a book by the same name. Dr. Green is one of the sanest voices in development, [ read more brave ]

Photo of Baku city skyline

Wednesdays are for Jargon: malaria

This week we’ve got global health jargon. Specifically, malaria. MiP – Malaria in pregnancy. Malaria is especially dangerous to pregnant women, increasing the risk of death or harm to both [ read more brave ]

Resources for Change: Psychiatry blogs

Coaches aren’t psychiatrists, or psychologists, or even counselors. We help you address your life now – we’re not trained or equip to help you with wounds from the past. Some [ read more brave ]

Self-Coaching: Endings

  We face a lot of endings in this line of work. Projects end, postings end. Jobs end, and sometimes careers. We change countries and friendships end. Some of us [ read more brave ]

coaches that aren’t me

If you want a coach that focuses on being a really good expatriate, I just saw a note about Jodi Harris World Tree life coaching. I’ve never met her, but she [ read more brave ]

Recommended Reading – due diligence, general rules, Nancy Birdsall, and Malcolm Gladwell

This Medium post on researching a start-up can also be applied to researching your development job. There are a lot of shady little NGOs and development consulting firms out there, and putting [ read more brave ]