photo of Feyisa Lilesa

Brave Olympians past and present

Feyisa Lilesa, an Ethiopian athlete who risked his life to draw attention to Ethiopia’s Oromo rights movement. More on Oromo rights here.  Peter Norman, the Australian athlete who sacrificed his [ read more brave ]

kitten hanging from a rope

the bravery of one more step

An occupational hazard of being this kind of coaching is thinking about bravery all the damn time. How can I be brave in my own life? What does brave actually [ read more brave ]

wall of clocks

The Ten-Year Test

What do you want your life to look like in ten years? If your mental picture looks a lot like now but with more money or career responsibility, you’re in [ read more brave ]

book cover

Free book on meaningful careers

Last year, I contributed to “Solving Problems that Matter (and Getting Paid for It).” It’s a multi-author publication that “stitches together a mosaic of perspectives, experiences, and actionable insights to [ read more brave ]